oakley jawbreaker prizm road

Oakley Jawbreaker Prizm Road sunglasses, with excellent optical lenses in specific shades of the road, and a comfortable frame, are very sleek and technical.

oakleyjawbreaker prizm road

Jawbreaker is an excellent road bike glasses in most cases. The lenses are crystal clear and distortion-free, and Prizm shades make the road clearer, providing basic UV protection and shading for the eyes. The temples have a moderate clamping force and are adjustable in length.

oakley jawbreaker lenes

The waterproof treatment on the lens is very good, even if it is raining, it can ensure good visibility, and the vent on the lens works well. Despite the high temperature climbing process, I have not found any fogging.

When it comes to pouring sweat, Cheap Oakley sunglasses has a good water deflection treatment, which is placed outside the lens. But I also hope to increase this in it, because sweat is very annoying when it drops.
At the same time, Jawbreaker is also a very high-use glasses in road racing events.

oakley jawbreaker frame

The way to replace the lens is full of technology. Lift the bridge of the nose and slide it to open a small metal buckle. The entire lower frame will be deformed like a chin, releasing the lens.

The fixed lens channel is also reinforced with a small amount of rubber, which is safe and reliable. The overall lens is very light, only 34g, no burden on the ride.

all style oakley jawbreaker
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