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Recently,in Fuzhou, under the sun, I can not help but think of a scene, which is in a sunny morning.As a young man, I lay on my balcony window as tall as myself, feeling the happiness of the warm sun. At that time, I was not so covered by the tall buildings. I didn’t poison our haze every minute. I looked around in the warm sun.

But the moment that is almost dark, the emergence of countless stars, a sense of rotation, the stars, as if in the martial arts in the big move. Young capricious, fresh curious, keep trying, back and forth between the light and dark. Now it seems suicidal. Especially I like running and sports.

Our eyes are very easy to absorb the ultraviolet rays of the sun, and long hours of outdoor direct sunlight training or competition, especially on the bare ridge, which can do great harm to the eyes.So a pair of best cheap Oakley sunglasses are an essential preparation for you. Oakley sunglasses, especially Field Jacket sports sunglasses such as the Oakley sunglasses can effectively resist UV coatings that can filter 95% to 100% of UV rays.

In addition to ultraviolet rays, the strong light in the sun can give my eyes a sharp stimulus, just as when I turned back to my room when I was a child, I felt dizzy.In the course of cross-country running, this kind of instantaneous change is quite terrible, which can not see the surrounding environment clearly and also can not judge the foothold in time can cause the danger in the movement.

You know,Oakley professional sports sunglasses can soften,and weaken the strong light, in the outdoor light environment changes to provide comfort for the eyes, ensure smooth running.

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The more crucial point is that foreign injuries are nothing more than flying sand, dead branches, flying flies and flies.Another,it is difficult to notice the twigs on both sides of the road due to too much attention to the road signs and road conditions during the cross-country running, which often scraped the eyes. But all of this, a pair of best fake Oakleys to help you solve the worries.

And of course, one of the conditions that these effects can produce is that you have to have a pair of cheap real Oakley sunglasses, and you have to know the color of the lens, the rubber pad, the nose frame, the leg, the arc and the special mirror coating before you buy it.Oakley sunglasses HDO high resolution optical technology HDO technology is a necessary condition of your choice, just like the recent hot Lin Dan model radarlock completely meets all the requirements of the sunglasses tips listed above.

In terms of performance, oakley radarlock did exactly what he was supposed to do, like a good student model. Choosing Oakley was like choosing Absalom off the road, very safe, but that’s all.

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Five kinds of fake replica oakleys transitions Lenses

Mirror sunglasses by end-use can generally be divided into shade, light-colored sunglasses and three types of special purpose for oakley sunglasses knockoffs. As for the so-called mirror of the sun, its name implies that it is to make use of shading people in the sun who often have to rely on the regulation of the luminous flux of regulation of the size of the pupil, when light intensity exceeds human ability to regulate, which causes harm to the human eye. So in outdoor activities places, especially in summer, a lot of people are using shades to block the sun in order to alleviate the regulation of the eyes caused by the damage caused by fatigue or light stimulus. Its rich color, suitable for use with a variety of clothing, has a strong decoration. Light-colored sunglasses, because of its rich colors, styles, is by the favor of a group of young, fashionable women of their doted. Special purpose for fake oakley sunglasses has a very strong function of blocking the sun, often used in the beach, skiing, mountain climbing, golf, such as strong sunlight field, which has the high request of anti-UV properties. Different groups of people, according to the different preferences and different uses, start to select oakley sunglasses, but the most fundamental of best cheap oakley sunglasses is to be able to guarantee the safety of the wearer and the basic principle of damage eyesight. To reduce glare and vision clearly, not deformation. Anti-UV, and no distortion of color recognition and accurate identification of traffic signal should be the basic function of sunglasses. If the above-mentioned function is defective, light will play the role of lost sunglasses, and weight can produce dizziness. Consciousness does not meet the symptoms of acid and distend in eyes, etc. And sometimes, it is slow to respond the color illusion and walk traffic accident and so on. So choose sunglasses should not only pay attention to the style and ignore its inherent quality.

oakley lens

Classification of lenses: the type of cheap oakley sunglasses lenses can be divided into: anti-reflective protective lenses, colored lenses, polarized lenses, and five kinds of transitions Lenses.

One. The anti-reflective protective lenses, this lens is coated with a thin layer of magnesium fluoride in order to prevent the light reflection, let you see things more clearly and we are not subject to interference. To test that your oakley sunglasses is true that the use of anti-reflective protective lenses, can glasses at the source, if you see purple or green light, it means there are anti-reflection coated lenses protecting the membrane.

Two. The colored lenses are also known as “staining the lens”, which is in the process of making lenses, plus some chemicals, so that the color of the lens can absorb certain wavelengths of light. This is the most commonly used types of lenses of fake oakleys sunglasses.

Three. The colour of oakley lenses: This oakley lens has the same effect and color lenses, which is only made in different ways. Besides, it is a color-coated in the surface of the lenses, and the most familiar thing is the “color gradient-lens”, and the deepest color is above, and then the lighter is down. The General is that wearing prescription oakley sunglasses knockoffs is to colour the way to deal with the lens.


Four. The Oakley polarized lenses: In order to filter the sun shines on the water, on land or in the direction of equality on the snow dazzling light, we should add vertical article to the special lens coatings, which is called oakley polarized lenses. The most suitable outdoor sports (for example: sea-based activities, the use of skiing or fishing).

Five. The oakley photochromic lenses are also known as the “photographic lenses”. Because the lens to join the silver halide chemicals, so that the lens was originally transparent colorless.

Only in this way, can cheap oakley sunglasses sale be properly chosen according to people’s diverse demand.