How to choose Oakley sports sunglasses

Nowadays, people love for sports almost fanatical, jogging, swimming, climbing, ball and other sports, then one of the security issues can not be ignored. So in the process of sports to enjoy the process at the same time to do their own protection, said the eyes are the soul of the window, in the movement which is the signal tower, then how to choose Oakley sports glasses and other related issues must also want to carefully understand.

Cheap Oakley Sports sunglasses refers to the movement of wearing safety glasses, usually high-level equipment with safety, protection, comfort, beautiful effect.

Oakley Radar Pace
Oakley Radar Pace

The lens is divided into PC lenses, magnesium alloy lenses, polarized lenses

Good Cheap Fake Oakley sports glasses with the characteristics

1, left and right lens color uniformity and the difference is not greater than 5%;

2, can be 100% resistant to ultraviolet light; depending on the object is not deformed;

3, comfortable to wear, will not follow the rhythm of running or even fall off;

4, the lens is not easy to break, good toughness of the frame

The purchase of different sports Oakley sunglasses

1, the lens must choose a good, because different lenses on the light filter effect is different, to adapt to the environment is different, from the color on the dark lens is much better than the light-colored lens, can isolate more ultraviolet, but also Can improve the UV index. Specific can be distinguished according to the movement:

(1) climbing, running, etc. such sports is not very intense exercise, you can use light gray, gray, light orange lenses.

(2) stream fishing, fishing, swimming, sailing, yachts, motorcycles, riding and other sports, you can use light gray, brown, blue, purple lenses.

  • tennis, golf, shooting, archery, hunting, baseball, driving these activities to emphasize the requirements of the eye, you can use brown, orange, light red, light orange lenses.

The frame should be soft to have flexibility, impact resistance, in the intense movement at least to protect the eyes, if you can, try to choose veneer design, you can make the eyes close to the edge of the frame to prevent the wind on the glasses Impact.

Oakley Sport Sunglasses
Oakley Sport Sunglasses

The protection of replica Oakleys sports glasses

1, to avoid contact with perfume, pesticides and other chemical composition of the items in order to avoid the lens, the mirror to produce chemical corrosion, and better protect your fake Oakleys sunglasses;

2, after use, please wipe your sports sunglasses, into the sunglasses bag in the proper preservation, do not store with the hard objects or sharp objects, so as not to scratch the lens or topcoat;

3, before use, please use professional glasses wipe cloth wipe, if necessary, can be used professional cleaning agent rinsing; special attention: the use of polarized lenses can not use glasses and ultrasonic cleaning, or will destroy the polarized effect;

4, Knockoff Oakleys sports glasses in the long-term use will inevitably have abrasions and dark spots, if the above situation, it is recommended that you timely replacement of glasses or lenses to protect your eyes; to replace the lens, please go to professional buy replica Oakleys sunglasses matching or direct Contact with the manufacturer;

For sports enthusiasts, enjoy sport brought joy is very worthwhile to do, but also need to pay attention to their own safety, reasonable choice of professional Oakley sports sunglasses to wear, wouldn’t it be better in a safe state of exercise.