What is the difference between the different colors of Fake Oakley sunglasses

What is the difference between the different colors of Oakley sunglasses
Outdoor activities, especially the strong ultraviolet region of the plateau, the vast expanse of ski and light dazzling places, many people are using Cheap fake Oakleys to block the glare of light to reduce the eye caused by fatigue or irritation caused by damage. So, what is the difference between different colors of fake Oakley sunglasses?

Oakley replacement lenses

Different colors to adapt to different groups of peop

1.Mercury lens surface using high-density mirror coating. This lens absorbs more visible light, suitable for long time outdoor sports.
2. Gray is a neutral color, can absorb any chromatographic balance, although the view will be dark, but there will be no significant color, you can show the real feeling of nature. Suitable for outdoor activities like sightseeing, photography.

  1. Cheap Oakley Sunglasses Sale Online the blue gray lenses and gray lenses are similar, but they are belongs a neutral lens, and the color is slightly deep, visible light absorption rate higher. If the sun activity place is particularly strong light, you can consider wearing blue-gray Oakleys glasses.
    4. brown lens filter a lot of blue, to a certain extent, can improve the visual clarity and contrast. If the ambient air pollution is serious or foggy, it’s better wearing brown cheap fake Oakleys sunglasse UK.
    5. In addition to green lenses can absorb part of the light, you can maximize the arrival of the eyes to reach green light, UK FOakleys is a cool and comfortable feeling, suitable for travelers who easy eye fatigue.
    6. yellow lenses almost do not reduce the visible light, but in the fog and twilight moment, it can improve the contrast, to provide more accurate video, so it was called night vision goggles. There are also some young people wearing yellow lenses “sunglasses” as decoration.
    7. Other mirrors such as light blue, light pink, etc., its decorative more than practical.

What is the difference between the depth or light of the lens color?

Oakley Sunglasses lens color depth and light have a certain impact on the visible light absorption performance, but with no resistance to UV ability, because the UV is invisible light, and determine the ability of anti-ultraviolet lens lens material, rather than the color of the mirror , Such as some resin lenses, although colorless and transparent, but still 100% anti-ultraviolet.
Part of the Oakley sunglasses for progressive color resin lens, that is, deep and shallow, until it is close to colorless, such Oakley Sunglasses worn outdoors, you can block the sun from the front, in the open air or in the car, you can still see clearly.