The Oakley sunglasses girl

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Whether it is summer or autumn, she can’t do without fake Oakleys.
She says cheap Oakley sunglasses are a device for improving your appearance. She felt uncomfortable leaving it, so she collected a lot of cheap fake Oakley sunglasses. The color has red, purple, golden, white, etc. She wore a round mirror of Oakley sunglasses, as if she were a blind girl. Walking, throwing feet, liking, eating, attending activities, can’t do without it.

Her sexy body, white skin, slender legs, looked particularly attractive in the sun. This lovely girl has a lot of people like it, which caused a lot of double eyes.

oakleys black friday clearance online
oakleys black friday clearance online

One day, the company came to a foreigner, and he saw a girl wearing replica Oakleys sunglasses. The sunglasses attracted his eyes.

The foreigner said to her: “this sunglasses style I want to buy, the order comes down immediately, need 100 thousand pairs of Oakley sunglasses, must be shipped by the end of the year.” The boss was delighted.

The girl’s job was replaced and she went to the business department and became head of the business department. She worked harder, checked quality, and communicated with clients to keep the company’s performance rising.

Then one day, the girl who used to wear fake Oakley sunglasses was gone. Where did she go? The company’s leaders are looking for it. Later they found out on the Internet that the young girl had set up her own company. The data picture, the operation mode is the same as the previous company.

The sunglasses girl didn’t listen, and said the sunglasses were not copied from the company. She created it.

Oakley Holbrook sunglasses
Oakley Holbrook sunglasses

The boss had to appeal the court. On the day of the trial, the girl with sunglasses still wore cheap Oakleys sunglasses. “Look at that,” she said. “my own sunglasses.”

The judge compares two pair of Oakley sunglasses, cent is not clear which is cheap real Oakleys, which is knockoff Oakley sunglasses.

The judge announced: reexamine the evidence and reexamine it.

The fact proved that the girl did not copy the original company.

She proved to everyone that she was a woman of good faith and would not have copied it even if she had left the company. She was the one who created the company, and she was so great. She was proud of herself

The person who has virtue is virtuous, but he is only insufficiently tempted; it is not because they’re monotonous, it’s because they’re focused on a goal.

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